Friday, 8 June 2012

Vintage Fashion Illustrations from Coby Whitmore


Coby Whitmore is a mainstay of American Illustration. Born in Dayton, Ohio in 1913, he spent the majority of his life and professional career in New York. He’s best known as a painter and illustrator for leading magazine publications such as Ladies Home Journal, Good Housekeeping, and Saturday Evening Post. 

In 1943 Whitmore joined the Charles E. Cooper Studio and along with Jon Whitcomb, became the top illustrators at the studio, 'monopolizing the ladies' magazines with postwar images of the ideal white American family. Aimed at lifting spirits across the nation, these images centered around pretty, middle-class, female consumers living happily ever after in their new kitchens, new houses, driving new cars, living with handsome husbands, adorable children and cute dogs.


Some of his contemporaries and colleagues include:  Norman Rockwell, Stevan Dohanos, and Albert Dorne, who were all fellow members of what became known as the Westport School of American illustration. Whitmore died in Hilton Head, South Carolina, in 1988 at age 75.