Thursday, 24 May 2012

SHE.ISFRANK's 'Fire and Ice' Photographic Series


Artist Statement: 
'Fire and Ice, a photographic series that showcases the earth's extreme contrasts, from the fiery hot deserts of the Australian outback to the icy glaciers that spread across the harsh frontiers of Iceland.

Inspired by the planet we inhabit, I began exploring the vastly different lands of Australia and Iceland and capturing their diversities. While documenting these landscapes I was fascinated that such conflicting environments could coexist, and was drawn to the concept of linking them and seeing them side by side.

As a result the set of images, when displayed together, present an exciting clash of colour, tone and light. This allows the viewer to experience the sensations of warmth and freezing cold as their gaze progresses through the series.'
She is Frank is a Melbourne based fashion photographer. 'Fire and Ice' is Frank’s first book and solo exhibition.