Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Granimator, Ancient Wonders by Tom Edwards

Introducing the Granimator! An interactive iPad app that brings together cutting edge artists, designers, illustrators and studios from around the world, allowing users to create their own wallpapers and backgrounds using an array of objects that can then be shared through social networking media.

The app works by allowing users to select from a range of 'artist packs', each featuring a range of select artists that have created their own unique set of graphics, sounds, tools, shapes and backgrounds that you can interact with and customize by drawing, tapping, pinching and dragging to create your own very own wallpaper. What's more, the apps FREE!

All in all, there are 16 packs to choose from and over 80 artists with their own individual designs, meaning endless possibilities and combinationsss!

Check out artist Tom Edwards addition, 'Ancient Wonders'. In his pack you can play at being an ancient architect, rifle through Egyptian columns, Roman statues and Greek gilded lions to build a wonder fit for an emperor. Or scrap that and just fill the screen with gold bars! Example wallpapers below