Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Daniel Cantrell aka The Horror

Daniel Cantrell is a really talented illustrator based in the UK. He works freelance on individual as well as collaborative projects, and is also the founder of the magazine Good vs Evil. Instead of boring you with my own words, have a read of his own self-professed bio. It's way funnier. 

Daniel Cantrell aka The Horror was born in the small town of Spamfist, on the Isle of Prankhammer, in 1792. He is currently the oldest crap illustrator still working. The Horror had a difficult childhood due to the fact he was dead until the age of 14. Never one to shirk a challenge he pulled himself back to life and got a job working as a whore. He began illustrating after a freak accident involving a radioactive chicken removed his thumbs. Since then he has gone on to produce some seriously ugly drawings. He currently resides outside a subway station in a cardbord box. Often too pissed to even stand up. 

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