Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Ada // Atak and Gertrude Stein

Before leaving for the airport my brother wanted to drop by the bookstore to buy some graffiti books he'd been raving about. I went along for the ride and by chance spotted this book as I was leaving the store. It was sitting atop a bookshelf in the very corner tucked away. The colours on the cover drew me in. It was wrapped up so I couldn't flick through the pages, but the cover had me (at hello) and I was sold. 

It turns out that the book is an illustrated version of celebrated poet and art patron Gertrude Stein's first 'word portrait'. Berlin based artist Atak visually recounts the fortunes of the poem's two protagonists Barnes and Ada Colhard alongside a hand written version of the poem. The illustrations give the book a look and feel that is truly unique.