Friday, 17 February 2012

David Buckingham

LA based artist, David Buckingham, creates amazing pieces cut and welded from scrap and found metal that are insanely big, bold and brash. As an avid film fan, many of his pieces incorporate lines from films that have an edge, a darkness, or a certain visceral appeal. Other pieces recite song lyrics that incorporate pop-art, typographic and graphic design styles.

The role of the gun in America is another prominent theme in his work -  "as American as apple pie and adultery" - Buckingham started making assassins guns, then movie and television guns ("Dirty Harry", "Barney Fife" etc), and then onto political guns (Dick Cheney's shogun). Stating that all of his guns are "historically accurate and to scale", Buckingham presents both sides of the argument: the gun nut enthusiasts and the anti-gun statement, both arguments of which he agrees with. 

What's really cool about Buckingham is that he believes in what he does - "I'm not afraid to make what I think is cool, no matter what anybody says about it" - and for that, I am very grateful.  

Check out David's website for more of his work.